Swimming Pool Builder and More: Our Company History

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  • In 1942, Harold "Pete" Christiansen began his construction company with only a pickup, some hand tools and a cement mixer. During that period, most of the projects consisted of block and brick work. Christiansen Construction Company was able to build quite a number of buildings in Northeast Nebraska that are still being used to this date.

  • Kenneth Christiansen joined the company in 1953 and the new name for the company was Christiansen & Son. In 1955, another son Densil Christiansen joined the company. The company continued to expand with projects being completed in South Dakota and Iowa. A third son, Norman Christiansen joined the company in 1961. In 1968, Harold "Pete" Christiansen passed on.

  • In 1982, Kenneth retired leaving Norman and Densil to continue running the business until 1986 when Greg, Mike and Tim Christiansen became the owners and the company changed its name to Christiansen Construction Co. In 2000, Norman retired while Densil participated in the active running of the company until December 2001 when he suddenly died.

  • In January 2019 Christiansen Construction was transitioned to new ownership. Rod Berens and Rick Wintermute of Kingery Construction Co. from Lincoln, NE and Forrest Kramer of Christiansen Construction have purchased Christiansen Construction Company from the Christiansen family. We feel this is a very positive acquisition that will benefit all of the employees and customers of the Company.

  • In December of 2020 Grundman-Hicks Construction in Cherokee, Iowa was purchased from Mike Christiansen. Adding an office for the new Christiansen Construction in Cherokee. All the employees of Grundman-Hicks wereWelcomed into our growing company.

about us

Christiansen Construction Company

Is still located in Pender, Nebraska and offers its services as a Commercial / Municipal Construction Company and swimming pool builder to people in the areas of Nebraska, Western Iowa and Southeastern South Dakota.

Our Company employs 25 to 30 people with some employees having worked for the company for over 30 years and many more for over 10 years. The rapport we have with our employees has enabled us to retain quality personnel who are very talented at their trade.