From Water Treatment Plants to Community Pools to Industrial Buildings:

At Christiansen Construction Company, quality customer service is very important to us. We strive to understand the needs of our clients in order to offer quality construction services. We only talk of having completed a project successfully when the customer is happy.

Christiansen Construction Company offers both pre-construction and construction services.
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Pre-construction Services

Christiansen’s clients benefit from our many years of experience and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction projects. Added value starts with our proven preconstruction process, which shortens schedules, generates cost savings, and minimizes changes.

Value-Added Services

Christiansen’s preconstruction services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction planning
  • Early budget development
  • Site management planning
  • Pricing updates
  • Scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Excavation/sheeting & shoring planning
  • Systems analyses/selection
  • Development of a Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Construction document review/coordination
  • Identification and purchasing of long lead items
  • Quality control
  • Subcontractor selection and qualification
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Early Involvement

Working in cooperation with clients and design teams during the early planning stages allows Christiansen Construction Co. to realize project goals and exceed owner expectations. Christiansen’s team approach to preconstruction includes input from experts experienced in mechanical and electrical systems, foundations, structural detailing, scheduling, and purchasing to ensure that all critical items are proactively addressed before construction starts. Our project teams become involved during the planning stages of projects, and continue working on these projects through completion of construction.

This ensures continuity between the preconstruction and construction phases, so that decisions made during the planning stages are properly implemented in the field. The end result is that Christiansen’s preconstruction expertise on pricing, scheduling, materials, building systems and construction methods deliver projects of best value for clients.

Construction Services

Christiansen Construction Co. provides clients with responsive leadership and consistency of management throughout each project's duration, working in partnership with owners, architects, subcontractors, and engineers to deliver successful projects.

General Contracting services include:

  • Cost and quality control
  • Project accounting
  • Schedule development and control
  • Shop drawings and material submittal review
  • Subcontractor qualification and management
  • Construction management
  • Field engineering and site management
  • Quality control
  • Safety assurance
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Design/Build Services

Public entities and private developers alike are using innovative partnering solutions more and more to attain an advantage in today's competitive marketplace. In response, Christiansen Construction Co. offers superior services to its clients through its design/build services.

Christiansen’s team offers a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unrivaled in our industry. With more than 81 years of experience building Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Projects, our staff provides unique insight into proven designs and current market trends. Christiansen Construction Co. clearly understands the development process. We look beyond the sticks and bricks to consider our partner's entire development and property management process.

Through its role in design/build relationships, Christiansen Construction Co. provides guidance to developers and design teams by evaluating specifications and project plans and identifying areas for potential enhancement. At the request of our partners, we perform constructability reviews, detailed budgeting, and product analysis to offer site-specific design solutions. We recognize the benefit of harnessing the combined knowledge of the entire project team to:

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  • Develop complete plans, free from errors and gaps
  • Prepare budgets reflecting the full cost of construction and development
  • Anticipate site-specific challenges to avoid schedule delays
  • Prevent rework and unnecessary changes to achieve a low total cost
  • Increase value, quality, and marketability through selection of current materials and technologies

Public and Private Partnerships

Christiansen Construction Co. offers local, state, and federal government agencies a solid track record of success on public private partnerships. Christiansen Construction Co. understands the importance of working together with government agencies, local residents, and community groups to create projects that maximize the value of the public asset and meet the goals of all stakeholders.

Small and Local Business Participation

Christiansen Construction Co. has been successful in meeting all applicable regulations regarding union labor and compensation rates for construction trades on its public sector construction projects, while also leveraging the expertise of small, local, and disadvantaged businesses on its municipal projects.